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The Hardest Thing You Will EVER Do

Doctors around the Globe do surgeries for surgeries, bypass operations, stents and other heart disease. They treat cancers with chemicals, chemo, radiation and other dangerous/deadly ways.  Alzheimer’s and other later life ailments are given little to no hope.  The future for many Seniors does not look good.

Why are ‘Doctors’, those pompous asses in white coats given little to NO training in Nutrition and Lifestyle?  Why?  It’s simple, they make NO MONEY from those approaches to Prevention and Reversing these many diseases; caused mostly by poor lifestyle choices.

They make ten$ of thousand$ on cardiac surgeries, bypass operations and more.  Drugs and endless radiation and chemotherapy make them and the hospitals billion$ BUT how many get Truly Well for more than just their ‘5-year’ limitation?  Yea, you hear I survived cancer for 5 years, but few to none are out there bragging about 6, 7 and more.  WHY is that?

WHY?  Simply because the victims haven’t removed the CAUSE and it comes back.  Often in a different form, but it Always returns.  That goes, not only for cancer, but heart and arterial disease as well. How many times have you heard “I just had bypass surgery AGAIN”?  Same goes for stents and other temporary treatments for a Preventable and Reversable ailment.

Dr. Dean Ornish, a well-known heart surgeon has had his Cardiac Treatment program, Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR) Program, approved by Medicare CMS.  This program is not available Nationwide but must be approved.  Much of this lifestyle approach is provided in Dr. Ornish’s new book with his author wife, Anne, entitled “UnDo It! How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases”.

“NATIONAL BESTSELLER • By the pioneer of lifestyle medicine, a simple, scientifically program proven to often reverse the progression of the most common and costly chronic diseases and even begin reversing aging at a cellular level! Long rated “#1 for Heart Health” by U.S. News & World Report, Dr. Ornish’s Program is now covered by Medicare when offered virtually at home.”

His basic approach is Diet, Lifestyle Change, Exercise, Meditation and Love.  Pretty simple really until you actually SEE what this entails.  Those ‘lifestyle changes’ you see, encompass, what will probably be, a total dietary reversal of what you have been eating; and all at once if you start that program.  Is this bad, Certainly NOT, for sure but can it be difficult and disconcerting, Most Definitely!

Dr. Ornish recently did an interview with Author/Friend Chris Wark on Chris’ YouTube Channel that was interesting, intriguing and informing.  Se it here:

Everything is based on NUTRITION and how you approach LIFE.  What you eat, every day, all day is one of the most habit forming things you have ever done.  Also, THE most Difficult things to change for the Long Term.  You see, when people go on a ‘diet’ they view it as temporary but this is for Life, the rest of your LIFE.  Now that my friends is one of the most difficult habits you will EVER have to break.

Don’t let anyone tell you to just ‘ease into it’; that is impossible and very ineffective.  It takes TIME and bodily adjustment.  I write about my ‘Healing Journey’ on one of my web sites entitles “Plant Based Lifestylediet”.

Now, since the Federal Government has finally accepted the ‘reimbursement fact’ that Lifestyle and Nutrition has something to DO with actual Health and Healing, maybe we will see the monetary focus a bit more towards the Real Cure for disease and Prevention, so the disease will not require treatment.

While may will think this is a horrible and terrible prospect, I can assure you that it is NOT.  It can and should be a delightful adventure into a Culinary Cuisine that you may have never experienced before and encompasses the entire World of Cultures and Cuisines!

My lovely wife, Chef Nancy have been practicing what he preaches and more for close to 14 years now and have never looked back.  We constinue to enjoy this wonderful Whole Food Plantbased Cuisine every day and invite you to join us at our Plant Based Cuisine site:

Since many of these issues befall those in later age and more dire states of health, I am also publishing this on my Senior Life site:

If you are embarking, or even thinking of embarking on one of Dr. Ornish's lifestyle adventures, let us be there for you to help, assist and advise on your future LifestyleDiet.

We are Chef Nancy and Skip Stein and form the foundation of Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living.  Our  company serves to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle with Plant Based Whole Food Cuisine.  We offer counseling, training and seminars, not only in Central Florida, but just about anywhere.  We make frequent Road Trips to promote a Plant Based Lifestyle and offer to lecture, present and counseling to individuals and organizations along the way.