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These are some of the supplements we take or have on hand. Not sure how best to present this.  As time has passed, we have, quite honestly, stopped taking much of what we did back in 2010.  The dosages varied over time; mostly those recommended or as my research indicated.  You MUST Research and decide what is best for YOU and the dosage/levels and interactions.  These are the supplements we take either daily or periodically; depending on need.

** Caution ** The Bitter Apricot Kernels MUST be gradually taken to build up a tolerance.  It contains a chemical called amygdalin, which the body turns into cyanide. It can be toxic. This is a natural version of B17 and was once referred to as ‘laetrile’ and is NOT approved by the FDA.

Shared and or in common:






Important to note that the dosage levels vary between Skip & Nancy and not all suppliments are taken at the same time.  Most of the time, taken after or with a meal.  Some are suggested to be taken on an empty stomach so are taken in first thing in the morning.  It is essential to understand the dosages and combinations as many of these supliments have similar/sam ingredients.