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Health, Healing & Longevity

Prevention is Always Better Than Treatment!

Building a Healthy Immune System

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How 58% of the Food You Eat is Slowly Killing You

Why Doctors Never Discuss Nutrition?

When Disease is in the news all day long and fear tactics are being spewed like the Truth (when they are LIES); WHY is Nutrition and PREVENTION never discussed?  In most cases, proper/simple NUTRITIONAL Changes can Boost YOUR Natural Immune system to an extent that you may never have to worry about most disease ever again. 
Prevention should be the most important item with any Health & Wellness goal.  Unfortunately the medical industry focuses mostly on Treatment, NOT Prevention.  They prefer to treat you to death, not address prevention lifestyle.  There is No Money going to the healthcare industry if you just don't get sick!  Think of the money YOU will save in prescription and over-the-counter medications, office visits and lost work!  


No diet, exercise program alone will prevent you from contracting disease.  From the common cold to cancer, heart disease, diabetes-2 and more, they all await those who fail to recognize that the Standard American Lifestyle is KILLING you!

It's not only the SAD (Standard American Diet) that is rife with lousy food choices, it is the sad lifestyle that most Americans lead.  Little exercise, constant stress, lousy nutrition; they ALL contribute to disease; sometimes DEADLY ones!

It is WAY cheaper and less painful to just NOT GET SICK!

Pretty simple really.  Using just common sense would normally get folks to realize that cause and effect impacts disease.  The Human Body is NOT designed to be sick; it IS designed to be HEALTHY. Too many people are fat, sick and nearly dead in America and around the Planet; especially in those places that have adopted the Standard American Diet.  Go to almost any country and you will see American junk food & fast food establishments supplanting traditional, more healthy cultural normal, options.
Our Lifestylediet program presents simple and low cost alternatives to the lifestyle you may currently be leading. It isn't rocket science but just applied experience and common sense supported by the latest scientific studies that never seem to make it to the mainstream media outlets.
You doctor and the healthcare industry seldom discuss it; although major players like Kaiser Permanente are now promoting a Plant Based Lifestyle!  The current healthcare industry makes no money if you don't get sick. There is little to NO incentive for the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the supporting hospital & treatment centers to help keep you HEALTHY.  Nope, the money is definitely in Treating Disease; most of which is totally PREVENTABLE.  These corrupt medical institutions are making a FORTUNE Treating YOU to DEATH!
That is what we focus upon in our Lifestylediet program(s).  Just don't get sick; so you don't have to worry about reversing disease.  It is far less painful to stay healthy; cheaper too, by a long shot.
Our programs show you how Lifestylediet will pay for itself.  Heck, you may even be able to bank your savings currently spent on drugs, treatments, and office visits; not to mention avoiding surgeries, and other extremely expensive treatments for diseases we hope you NEVER contract!
We will develop a nutritional program of meal planning, pantry rebuilding and ongoing Lifestyle Practices for you to move forward and adopt into your daily lifestyle.  This is NOT A DIET!  It is a Lifestyle Change to put you on your path to Continued Health & Wellness!
Our Nutritional/Lifestylediet program focuses on simple, inexpensive but NUTRITIOUS FOOD and meals that are Delicious as well as nutritious.  We will teach you how to cook if needed.  Many people never learned or have forgotten how to prepare their own meals.  At the core of our program(s) is the avoidance of poor nutrition choices that may have contributed to your disease.

Remember, Your Health is Your WEALTH; So Spend it Wisely!