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Dear Friends,

America and the World are in a crisis.  Inflation is everywhere, despite the lies being promulgated by the corrupt politicians and their partners in the Media and Major Corporations.  Money is tight everywhere and we understand that.  But at the same time, it cost us a lot of time/effort to maintain our over 30 web sites, social media posts, recipes from Chef Nancy and free cancer counseling & support efforts. Our book sales, which are very few, supplements our income.

We live paycheck to paycheck as many people do today. For the past 15 years we have given away our books, written articles for magazines at their request for our knowledge & recipes, along with consultations, seminars, health fairs and more for free and no one wants to purchase or even donate 5 or 10 dollars to continue our work. We just can't do that anymore.

We put an enormous amount of work hours into research, writing and posting recipes on FB our MeWe group and many other social media site pages. We have made the decision when Chef Nancy posts a picture of her daily recipes with no instructions, we will be happy to send you the recipe by email at a cost of $1.50 which you can pay through our PayPal account.  You may use this QR Code to access our donation page.

Chef Nancy will also be writing booklets such as the ones I already have in print on Blueberry, Onion and Squash recipes, which will cover recipes for a particular crop and we will be selling in the range of $5.00 - $7.00 a booklet. It would contain approximately 6-8 recipes using that vegetable, greens, fruit, berry, beans, tofu etc. I will notify everyone when these booklets will become available. We hope you understand.


Skip and Nancy

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These are some key references I recommend.  They are not all 'cancer related' but more focused on overall Health Wellness and Longevity.

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