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A Message of Hope

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We have much to be thankful for. But for many, who are fighting diseases like cancer and other lifestyle diseases their current life may not be so happy.  If you are one of those folks, let me give you a prayer of HOPE.

There are literally thousands of us who have survived, yes and thrived, after that dreadful day whey we received that deadly diagnosis.  While there are many who succumb to the ‘white coat’ treatment program, there are many More who chose an alternative approach to the diabolical, brutal and primitive ‘accepted treatments’ condoned by the mostly corrupt FDA and the Medical Industry.

I may not have all the answers but I Can tell you that survival and a healthy long life is possible; despite that diagnosis.  It may not be ‘accepted’ by the lamestream media/medical folks but for many of us, it has Worked and worked Extremely Well.  It may not seem as easy as just taking that pill, getting that radiation or accepting the toxic poisons offered by chemotherapy, it is Hard Work to fight back and WIN.

One of the things I have noticed in my Counseling Practice is that people are looking for a 'Quick Fix' even after they have done their best for many years/decades to ruin a wonderful creation by consuming toxins.  Changing to a Healthy Healing Lifestyle is WORK, HARD WORK.  There IS NO EASY FIX!  NO MAGIC PILL!  It takes work, devotion to YOURSELF before the 'Magic Can Happen'.  After that, the Gates of Health OPEN UP WIDE to accept you, keep you healthy and well for the Rest of Your Life.

Another thing is that many people are ANGRY that they have this disease.  Anger at themselves, at the World that they have this disease.  The next phase is FEAR, fear of death, fear of treatment and the fear of not knowing just what to DO. This anger and fear do little good and can do a lot of damage to your natural immune system.  This emotionally charge anger/fear focuses your body on a fight/flight response and this makes your body suppress all systems in support of this action.  That means your natural immune system is suppressed as long as these emotions are in control.

While there are many ways to relieve these fear/anger responses, often a counselor can help, yoga and other mediative practices as well.  Calming your emotional response is like everything else, it takes Work.  Talking to a therapist/counselor certainly help.  Begin to focus your energies on attacking this disease is both therapeutic and healing.  This focus starts with a change in Lifestylediet and nutrition to build back your body, mind and spirit.

I’m talking about the Centuries (actually longer) long approach to Health, Healing and Longevity, NUTRITION.  You will seldom if ever hear that word pronounced in the doctor’s office and never in a hospital; where they have junk food dispensers lining the hallways and where they feed you the very toxins that probably contributed to your illness in the first place.

Your body was Never designed to be sick. You were designed to be Healthy, Happy and Live a LONG life, but somewhere along the way, you succumbed to the indoctrination of the advertising from junk food conglomerates.  They have worked, quite successfully, with the medical industry to keep you fat, sick and nearly dead by feeding you noxious junk, devoid of the proper nutrition and nutrients that keep your body healthy!

Fortunately for us all, this can be reversed and the toxins purged and health restored.  But it is best to begin early and begin the reversal as soon as possible.  Better yet, to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and Prevent illness in the first place; but that is another subject.

The KEY that I, and so many others have found, is Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition.  Yes, so easy and inexpensive compared to the horrendous ‘treatment programs’ so many are made to go through; programs that seldom actually heal but just postpone the inevitable outcome of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Many won’t believe me and don’t believe the thousands of other survivors who are PROOF that it can work.  The fact that simply changing what you eat and how you live, can have such a powerful effect of Restoring Health!

You wonder WHY didn’t my doctor/oncologist tell me about this?  The simple answer is, there is No Money in Health, you have to follow the money trail and that trail is littered with the pain, suffering and debilitating treatments of the medical industry.

There IS another way, and it is a Delicious, Nutritious and Wondrous way of living and eating a cuisine you probably never encountered before.  It all awaits you if you just seek it out and ask for help.  There are hundreds of people out there and thousands of delicious, nutritious ways to achieve your goal to regain your health.  If I can do it, so can you!  I published my book on how I Beat Prostate Cancer and our 'Protocol' as well.  
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  When They Refuse to Change

Many of us have transitioned, very successfully, to a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and have LITERALLY Saved Our Lives.  We offer to help others and explain to them ‘How We Did It’ with simple/inexpensive lifestyle changes.  But even with the documented evidence and so many wonderful examples, many of those with lifestyle diseases (cancer, diabetes II, heart disease and more) just refuse to accept that these changes may save their lives too.

While it is so very sad and many family and friends try to explain and help those suffering from these diseases, they refuse to even try. Oftentimes opting to go through the tortuous ‘traditional medical treatments’ that frequently have debilitating/painful side effects.

Many will spend thousand$ on failed, painful and debilitating ‘treatments’ that may indeed provide a bit more life/years to the patient; but at what cost.  Yes, cost in real dollar$ and the pain, suffering that these costly treatments usually provide.  Often to only hear that they were not successful and those months of pain, suffering endured were a wasted effort.  I wish I had an answer/solution to this tragedy I see and hear about all the time in my practice but I just do not.

It is a sad thing to witness and watch those we love, fade away, suffer and die.   But it is something that WE must accept because no matter how much we want to help, those individuals who adamantly refuse (often based on greedy advice from the traditional medical community) there is just little we can do but accept, love them to the end and move on.

Does that sound cruel?  Maybe so, but what is the alternative?  Disharmony, pain and emotional suffering endured by both parties?  Is that not worse?  Would it not be a better way to simply accept another's decision, love them, support them and pray that their choice was the correct one; FOR THEM.

Read my review/overview of the lastest Dr. Dean Ornish's (with his wife Anne) book, "UnDo It!, How Simple Changes Can reverse Most Chronic Diseases".